America on Gay Marriage

In America there are very split views on gay marriage, and it has been that way from the beginning of the debate. In March of 1996, 68% of adults opposed gay marriage, and 27% were in favor. These percentages changed in June when 57% opposed gay marriage, and 30% were in favor. Today, many states have legalized it, and accept it, many states recognize it, and do not perform the acts, some states are completely against it. States that currently perform same sex marriages are: Conneticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and, even though technically it is not a state, Washington DC. States have tried to pass bills to be able to perform same sex marriages, like Oregan, but it never passed because of the number of people against it was higher. This debate has been going on sense the 1970′s, and it has had a number of people with it, or against it. Our current President, Barrack Obama, states that he is opposed to gay marriages, due to his religion, Christianity, stating that marriage is a union of a man and a woman, and it is sacred.


2 thoughts on “America on Gay Marriage

  1. So far, we have not passed any bills/propositions/laws that was trying to legalize gay marriage nationwide. Proposition 8 of California is expected to affect other bills trying to be passed in other states. Prop. 8 was not passed in California, so it is thought that other bills will not pass around the country. There are other factors in this debate as well, Canada, being to the north of the US, has already legalized same sex marriage throughout the nation and has sparked ideas that its necessary to legalize sam sex marriage nationwide because Americans are going to Canada to be married. But so far, none have passed.

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