Japanese Perspectives on Homosexuality

In Japan, homosexuality is largely accepted by the community. Never have the Japanese viewed homosexuality as a sin in the society. There is no law that prohibits homosexuality in Japan but most conceal their sexual orientation to avoid discrimination. Some advances have been made for Japanese in the work place to abolish discrimination at their job. Although most hide their orientation, many famous people in Japanese entertainment reveal their sexual preferences. Many of these entertainers and artists have gained success, and society accepts them. As far as marriage goes, the Japanese Department of Registration is told to deny same sex marriage licenses and accept opposite ones. But recently in 2009, it was reported that Japanese gays will be allowed to go into a country where gay marriage is accepted and get married with the possession of a special license.


5 thoughts on “Japanese Perspectives on Homosexuality

  1. This was very interesting. It sounds like Italy, the country i researched, and Japan have similar views on homosexuality: homosexual activity is allowed, but marriage is not. However, much more freedom is given to gays and lesbians in Japan than in a place like China, for example.

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