Opinions on homosexuality in Italy

Compared to the rest of Europe, Italy has a relatively conservative viewpoint on homosexuality. This is so because of the influence of the Roman Catholic Church. While homosexual activity is authorized, marriage is not. Gays and lesbians living in Italy are subject to different laws and rights. Although improvements for same-sex couples have been made over time, homophobic feelings are still present. It recently became illegal to discriminate against gays in many matters, including employment and education. Gay soldiers are allowed to enter the military, although many of them choose to hide their homosexuality due to the bigotry in the army.  “Arcigay” is the biggest organization for gay and lesbian rights in Italy, and more LGBT groups are forming. Openly gay politicians, such as Franco Grillini and Marco Pannella, have recently taken office in high raking positions. The amount of freedom given to same-sex couples depends greatly on the current leader of the country. Many will continue to fight for the rights and fair treatment of all homosexual people in Italy.


2 thoughts on “Opinions on homosexuality in Italy

  1. Good use of religion to display a great contributing factor in the treatment of LGBT’s in Italy. You covered all of the topics. Maybe look into how they are fighting for more rights.

    • LGBT groups like Arcigay often campaign and do other things to spread awareness. They aim to gain legal rights for homosexuals.

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