Perspective on Homosexuality and Gay Marriage in Chile

In Chile, the laws on gay marriage are comparable to the U.S. Gays do not have the right to marry and Chile does not recognize same-sex unions. Chile has had several recent bills introduced to legalize same sex unions that have not passed. A bill was introduced to legalize same sex marriage but lost many supporters in the government after the Church convinced them to support same sex unions but not marriage. Overall, 2/3 of the population in Chile is against legalizing same sex marriage but the younger population is split on the issue. I respect gays but do not support same sex marriage. It says in the Bible that marriage is between a man and a women and it is therefore impossible for two men to get married. I believe that same sex unions should be legalized that give gays all the rights of regular married couples but they should not be called married. I think that this will satisfy people on both sides of the argument.


9 thoughts on “Perspective on Homosexuality and Gay Marriage in Chile

  1. I’m interested in your proposal to legalize same sex unions, thereby giving gays the same rights as married people, but to avoid calling it marriage. In your post, you indirectly raise the issue of the power of language to shape reality. I wonder what this term might be that would indicate a legal same sex union without calling it marriage. Any ideas?

  2. Even if it wasn’t called marriage, don’t you think that people against gay marriage would say it basically is marriage because the same sex couple will have the same rights as them?

    • It doesn’t matter if they say that it is marriage because civil unions are not religious or recognized internationally. For example, when a married couple leaves to a different country they are still recognized as married. When a gay couple in a union leaves to a country that does not recognize civil unions the two are now legally strangers. So, no it is not marriage. They only have the same financial rights.

  3. I agree with Ms. Forster about legalizing same sex unions in Chile. So in Chile, what rights to gays actually have?

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