Taxation on tourists in Rome

Rome has started a tourist tax for visitors staying in hotels. Many of the Hotels in Rome are worried that these taxes will hurt their business. The main result that people are worried about is that fewer tourists will visit. Also hotels are worried about going out of business from loss of customers. The potential results of this tax are very negative. The government in Rome says that the cause for this tax is to help the cultural heritage and infrastructure. The purposes for this tax may help make Rome a bigger tourist attraction, but it seems a little strange to me that the people visiting have to pay a tax when they are already stimulating the Roman economy by visiting and buying things.


4 thoughts on “Taxation on tourists in Rome

  1. I wonder how this tax resembles the HOT tax (Hotel and Occupancy Tax) that Houston uses to support the creation and promotion of the arts in our city? It seems at first glance that it’s very similar.

  2. The HOT tax and the tourist tax are very similar although in Houston local people that live in city limits also have to pay the HOT tax. In Rome only tourists and people living outside the city limits have to pay taxes. Both also help with the cultural heritage of the local area.

  3. I do not think it would change our opinion because I feel that this HOT tax is very efficient because not just tourists are paying but so are local citizens, and that means everyone is helping out.

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