America’s vs. Canada’s views on same sex marriages

In June 2003,  same-sex marriage in Ontario was legalized. After this law was passed, American gay couples went to Ontario to be married because they couldn’t do so in the United States. Later, Canada legalized same sex marriage for the entire nation. When this happened, it started controversy in America with gay couples asking, “If Canada has legalized it, then why can’t America?” Although Canadians go to America for marriage, and Americans go to Canada, it is still a question if the United States will ever legalize gay marriage for the entire country.


5 thoughts on “America’s vs. Canada’s views on same sex marriages

  1. That’s so interesting about Canada legalizing gay marriage! So when Americans get married in Canada, when they come back to the United States are they considered to be legally married?

  2. I believe they are considered officially married, but they do not get the same rights as married people. The American government of course is comletely split on whether to legalize it or not. Nothing has passed that will legalize gay marriage nationwide, but there are specific states that can marry gay couples.

  3. Yes, in a way. The homosexual community in America was angry because they couldn’t have the same rights as the homosexual community in Canada. These issues are trying to be resolved in the US, but obviously the whole country does not accept gay marriage and many states will not perform or accept it.

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