No Taxation Without Representation

The phrase “No taxation without representation” was important for Americans even before we were our own country. It was made up because the British taxed the colonies but gave them no representation in parliament, which the colonists thought it was unfair. They refused to pay for a government if they didn’t get any say in what it did. We still follow “No taxation without representation” today, because US citizens can’t be taxed unless they are also given the right to vote. Our government is a representative democracy, so we vote for a congressman to represent our district and we get two senators to represent our state. Citizens can voice their opinions through voting, protesting, or petitioning to make changes. Or, if they meet the qualifications, any US citizen can even run for a position such as president or mayor if they want to try to make changes in their community. The taxpayers fund the government, so it’s only fair if they are guaranteed the right to vote, protest, make a petition, or run for a position if they want to.


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