STDs and AIDS in China

The Basic Requirements for Health Education, which was created by the Chinese Education Ministry around 1990, explains that “self discipline and morality” are necessary in order to avoid the spread of STDs and AIDS. Unfortunately, there is a lack of teachers who are willing to educate the public about the dangers of unprotected sex. The Chinese Education Ministry “is now beginning to take small steps towards addressing the needs” of the homosexuals who are at high risk for obtaining these sexually transmitted diseases, according to Since very few are willing to admit their homosexuality in the Chinese society, there is still a lack of information available for ways to avoid these diseases. The most commonly practiced method in China is the use of condoms.g/aidschina.htm


5 thoughts on “STDs and AIDS in China

    • Yes, they are working on it, although there are very few people who are willing to “teach” the public since homosexuality is such a touchy subject in China.

      • I understand that the Chinese nation is against homosexuality. That could possible be a reason for the absence of teaching about homosexual safe sex. When it comes to heterosexual sex, it seems like China could do a better job. Considering all the people in the country, this needs to be an important topic to prevent widespread epidemic.

  1. The Italians are fortunate to have both a government and a religious power who are deeply invested in the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS through educating the public. It sounds like not much is being done for this issue in China.

    • I agree! It sounds like the Chinese need to learn something from the Italians’ strong devotion to educating the public about the spread of such harmful diseases.

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