HIV in Chile

HIV in Chile is very lopsided among the genders. Men outnumber women 9 to 1 in HIV. This lopsided ratio is in part because of the gay community. In Chile there have been several cases of women who have contracted HIV that were unknowingly sterilized by their doctors after giving birth. This is done so these women can not pass it on to another child. It is not a law for an HIV positive woman in Chile to be sterilized but the government just lets it go. So, it seems that they have some concern about public safety with HIV even though it seems as if no steps have been taken to reduce HIV in the gay community.


2 thoughts on “HIV in Chile

  1. This is awful! Clearly the lack in public education and prevention tactics is a major cause of concern in Chile.

    • Yes it is but it also makes no sense to do this. If you think about it even if an HIV positive woman is not sterilized and has another child than it will most likely die from AIDS before the child can pass it on to anyone else. And, there is a good chance that this woman will be able to have another baby without HIV anyways because the baby has a very good chance of not getting HIV when born

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