The UN Environmental Summit at Cancun

This year, the United Nations held their yearly summit at Cancun. At this summit, many environmental issues were addressed, including a “pledge” for prosperous countries to decrease carbon emissions and plans to stop deforestation and to set aside billions of dollars to environmental aid projects. However, according to, these issues are still being argued and put aside for next year. Because the nations can’t seem to reach an agreement that will readily affect climate change and the growing problem of the ozone layer, many people think that the annual summit will slowly become less publicized and less important. The people of small island nations are getting even more anxious, because their livelihoods are slowly falling beneath the waves. On the final day of the summit, however, the countries were able to come to a decision. There will be large sums of money slowly distributed between developing countries to fund environmental efforts, and, most specifically, “funding developing countries to reduce deforestation are outlined [in the deal].” (BBC news).

For more information, visit BBC News,, and


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