Why Can’t We Just Take A Pill? (HOMEWORK, per. 2)

Here are some questions that we considered before listening to the following two audio clips from NPR. They are from Dan Buettner’s bestselling book, Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer from People Who’ve Lived the Longest.
  1. How long can each of us expect to live?
  2. What really happens to our bodies when we age?
  3. Why can’t we just take a pill to extend our lives?
  4. How can we live longer?
  5. How can we live better?
  6. Why does changing our lifestyles add more good years?

Listen to the clips and follow along on the transcripts for each. Then post your reactions to what you’ve heard in the comments section.

The Island Where People Live Longer

Can “Blue Zones” Turn Back the Biological Clock?

And here’s the hyperlink to the excerpt from Dan Buettner’s book, Blue Zones.

Read and be prepared to discuss tomorrow in class.


5 thoughts on “Why Can’t We Just Take A Pill? (HOMEWORK, per. 2)

  1. Okinawa is one of the places that people live the longest, as is Icaria. This is so because the low number of people with illness and diseases. They exercise and walk and keep their hearts healthy in these places. Also, in Icaria, everyone drinks tea, which help to monitor blood pressure and ensure a longer life. Healthy eating is also a major factor in having a long life.

  2. Aside from what Katie said, I learned that 20 percent of what determines how long we live is our genes, and the other 80 percent is our lifestyle. People that live longer have a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables

  3. Ikaria, Greece and Loma Linda, California are two of the designated blue zones on the Earth. A blue zone is a place noticed to have a significantly higher life expectancy. Reasons for this include their habits, diet, and exercise. Ikaria is a small island were transportation is usually walking, creating a healthy environment. In the case of Loma Linda, it is a small town filled with adventists. These Christians spend their lives working hard, praying, and eating well because the bible say so to them. All of these reasons are why both these areas are blue zones.

  4. I leaned that eating pistachios, peanuts, pecans etc. increases a person’s life span two to three years. In Loma Linda, California, they all have good relationships that promote their happiness and good health. They help each other stay healthy and all have the same healthy habits. After all, laughter is good for you, right?

  5. In Blue Zones such as Loma Linda, California, researchers studied a group of some of the oldest living people around and their community. The reason is that these people do not suffer of the diseases that commonly kill people in other parts of the world, and so, they enjoy more healthy years of life. The happiness is probably another factor in this case, if you are happy, aren’t you going to have more will to live?

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