Ikigai (period 2)

Reflection Question: What is your Ikigai, or, roughly translated, “reason for getting up in the morning?”

Homework: Ask someone from their family life or community what their Ikigai is and talk with them about it. Then in a new post, write about your own Ikigai and that of the subject of your interview. Are they similar to one another? How are they different? How do you define the value of someone else’s sense of purpose?


2 thoughts on “Ikigai (period 2)

  1. My ikigai is without a doubt, my family. I would do anything for them no matter what it was, and I am always there for them because they are always there for me. My ikigai is also my friends, who cheer me up when i am down. I wake up in the morning for school, to learn something new and exciting. My ikigai is to make someone else’s day better, to say something kind or offer advice. Lastly, other things that I love to do are reading and exercising, which are also my ikigai. My ikigai is very similar to my sister’s, who mainly wakes up in the morning to be with her friends and family. We have very similar values that include wanting to spend time with others and doing everything we can in order to make them happy.

  2. My ikagai is my drive to be active. I know that sounds crazy but I would go crazy If I had nothing to do. Juggling sports, friends, and school is a tough task but I like to treat it as a game. I feel a sense of accomplishment if i can do it successfully. Getting myself for a jam-packed day gets me going. WHen I asked my dad about his Ikagai, he said the same thing in different words. He said that he wakes up everyday to go to his job and make money for our family. He wants us to have the best life possible and loves us very much. Another thing he said was that he likes being active also. My dad gets his drive for doing.. well things.

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