Answers to Defining Terrorism:Revolutionaries or Terrorists?

For Northern Ireland, I believe the paramilitaries were right to fight back against the revolutionaries to defend themselves and their territory. Although, the paramilitaries did not handle the situation in an acceptable manner, killing many of their own people, and i feel that makes them terrorists and the IRA revolutionaries. I do feel the force the state used was unreasonable and inappropriate. The paratroopers should not have fired on protestors, since they were doing no harm.

For Chechnya,  The Chechen’s were right to defend themselves and their country, and merely trying to earn freedom, making them revolutionaries. The army of Chechnya was justifiable in their force used, unlike Russia where they used many of their military weapons on civilians killing more than 10,000, and even calling airstrikes on towns of Chechnya.

In Chiapas, I believe that the Zapatista army are terrorists that say they are fighting for rights of the poor, but they are attacking civilians and the force used in Mexico City was unreasonable. But, Mexico’s response to this army was inhumane to torture innocent villages.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             For the case of South Africa, the ANC was justified in using force to try to obtain black south african rights, which the white govt. was not giving them. They were revolutionaries whose force was acceptable except for the plots to undermine the government and the bombing of government buildings, but that was provoked by the 1960 massacre.  The governments reaction to the ANC was wrong and harsh, such as the 1960 massacre and the uprising at the Soweto township.

As for the Weathermen Underground, the reason they fought was just (the elimination of racism and sexism), but the way they carried it out made them terrorists to U.S. Bombing government buildings was unacceptable and the complete wrong direction i feel to go about equal rights for all. The U.S.’s reaction the the weathermen was very civilized, taking no violent action.


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