Global Awareness and Understanding


Global Citizenship: A Primer

In this course I learned a lot about the world and how this superpower, or the United States of America, controls it. Every country in the world has to make decisions with other countries in mind, because their decision will affect other countries in some way. This is the same for the US because every decision we make, usually effects another country or countries. The world needs to work peacefully to get things done, but it doesn’t always end up in peaceful arguing, discussing, or doing.

In this course, I specifically learned about a few things. I learned a lot about India’s culture through the movie Chak De! India. I realized that India’s main sport is field hockey. I am a field hockey player myself, and in America it is usually a women’s sport. Men and women in India play field hockey, and even though it is not taken as seriously in India for the women, due to male dominance, it is important to the women. They have a World Cup for both genders, just like the Fifa World Cup Soccer. Teams from all around the world come to compete in this highly watched competition. Generally, I learned about the food and culture of India and of other countries.

Also, I found out views on gay marriage from countries, and although my specific country was America, I learned both views and the pros and cons of gay marriage. Gay married couples do not get the same rights as different sex couples, and many people are trying to fix that through bills and voting on laws to be made. On the other hand, the Bible defines marriage as a union between a woman and a man. So many couples, including our President and the first lady, are against gay marriage. This country has yet to legalize gay marriage nationwide, but it has been legalized in a few specific states.In this topic, I was surprised by the fact that Japan, is open about same sex marriage.  It is perfectly fine there, while in Italy, it is not, being a country dominated by the Catholic religion. But I probably could’ve guessed that, and it is probably the same thing in Spain, France, and other European countries with Catholcism as their main religion. Although the US is not backing gay marriage completely, it does not exile it like Italy does.

Through this course, it has taught me that some Americans are not stupid, though I previously thought many were, and that some aren’t informed of the world because of education and lack of exposure to the media. I believe that they probably want to learn about other countries, if they were given the opportunity. Unfortunately, I did learn that the American education is ranked 25th in the world. First is Singapore, and second is Finland, I believe. Hopefully that will change in the near future.

I believe to be a global citizen, it is necessary to understand what the culture of that country is, and what is going on at present and has gone on in the past. The generation that needs the most help learning about the world,  is not this generation or the following ones, because we are learning about the world, but the generations in front of us, who were not exposed to the media as much during their prime, and now they need to get over their prejudices and step out of their comfort zones and learn about their world. My parents, thankfully, are extremely informed because they read the newspaper, and watch the news. My grandparents are not as informed so it is good to tell them what is going on in my life, and in the world. I have discussions with them and they really seem interested. I enjoyed this class, and I hope to use what I have learned through this class, to become a better global citizen.


One thought on “Global Awareness and Understanding

  1. You compared what you learned to what you know and experience in America which i think is really interesting. It seems like you really learned a lot in this course. How will you stay globally competent in the future?

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