Final Blog

Global Citizenship, A Primer focused on a different topic every week. The first week we focused on taxation, both domestic and foreign. I learned a lot about where the taxes come from and where they end up going. Most of the economic burden falls to the upper class, and I learned about how that affects the system. Other people in my class focused on the taxation laws in other countries. This is an important topic because it affects the global economy and will affect our lives one day. Learning about this now will allow us to be more affective global citizens as we grow up.

We covered an important side topic by watching Chak de India. That movie focused on prejudice within a country through a sports story. There were several parallels that could be drawn between India and America. For example if I tell someone in New York that I am from Texas they immediately picture a dusty town with tumbleweed. It is important to remember that we are American and be united.

For effective learning in this class, I had to forgo any stereotypes I had ever heard. We read about the story of the Chinese students who were amazed that anyone could find China at fault for the trouble in Tibet. To be honest I kind of assumed that the people in China were idiots if they could see all the damage being done and not doing anything about it. In America we have a certain lens especially concerning human rights, which is why we respond a certain way. But I do think that China is they type of country that should widen their lens. Google is illegal because the government is scared of what the people might search. Children in China haven’t had the opportunity to learn anything else. In the world today with all the opportunity to interact with other cultures I think in the long run it will cripple China on a global scale.

One thing that surprised was how easy it is to make connections to other parts of the world. I loved that we ate Indian food one day during class. Somewhere on the other side of the world a girl my age was probably eating the same thing I was. We watched a Bollywood movie, which is something an Indian family might have been doing at the same time. People at Kinkaid have interesting ancestry, which connects them. For example Skylar is part white Jamaican.

We talked about when force is acceptable. I like this topic because there is no right answer. You can see throughout history people using force and thinking it’s the right thing to do while we see it as brute force. The Holocaust is probably the best example. Hitler thought he was creating a superior race, but he brutally murdered six million people. There are many sides to every story.


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