Global Citizenship Final Reflection

In Global Citizenship, A Primer, I have learned about the different cultures around the world and how to appreciate them from a new perspective. A great tool in life is to learn how to see things from many different viewpoints. With this skill, people are able to solve issues more efficiently. It also improves their social skills, which makes them more effective when working with other people. In this class we have discussed some of the biggest issues on our earth. We studied and learned why these issues existed, what the best way to approach them is and how to resolve them.

The two issues we studied in depth were taxation and defining terrorism. I wrote about the economy in Greece, and although they try to follow a similar system to the other European economies, they have fallen into a financial crisis. We used PBS to find helpful videos about our topic, and I found an interview with the Greek Finance Minister. The interview covered all of the information I needed to have a full understanding of why Greece is in their financial crisis, and PBS proved to be a very useful source.

We watched and listened to many types of media covering current events in politics including C-Span. We watched several interviews from C-Span to learn about what information they delivered and how they presented it. Many organizations today attempt to deliver their news from a neutral standpoint so they can entertain members from all political parties, but it is very difficult to stay completely unbiased all the time. We talked about the importance of rhetoric and how it is used in politics to make a point. There was suspicion swirling around Sarah Palin and if her use of rhetoric was connected in any way to the recent shootings in Arizona. We discussed why this was likely a coincidence because analogies of fighting are often used to make points in politics because they are aggressive.

We discussed the many ways people can learn about different cultures. Today, there are millions of people moving to new countries, and all of them are taking knowledge and experience with them. Our packet on global competence introduced the ways that someone can learn about the world by connecting to others. The packet also reminded us that everyone has a heritage, and our very own family might have lived in a culture that we do not know about at all.

“Chak de! India” was a great movie that showed us about the unique culture of India. It was a very lengthy movie, but we learned that most Indian films are around three hours unlike American movies, which are usually less than two. We discovered the tremendous pride that each Indian has. When the Indian men’s field hockey team was playing Pakistan, the announcer described the match as “way more than a game.” When Pakistan defeated India, Kabir Khan was humiliated, and the burden of losing that game was not lifted until he avenged himself when he won as the coach of the women’s team. The day after we finished “Chak de! India”, Mrs. Forster brought our class delicious Indian food so we could taste the culture of India also.

Although I have only lived in one country during my lifetime, I can safely assume that now I have taken this class, I have become a much more enlightened global citizen.


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