Global Competence As the Key to Success- FINAL!

I have enjoyed every minute of Global Citizenship, A Primer. Not only have I learned many new and exciting things, I now understand what it takes to be a true global citizen.

Each week, the class had meaningful discussions and decided on a topic that we wanted to further address. We then spent the rest of the week blogging about that certain issue in various countries of the world. For example, during the first week of class, our assignments included researching homosexuality in the countries from which our favorite food comes from. Therefore, as I researched and blogged about gays in Chinese society, I learned that their views were very different than a lot of people living in America.

For example, most parents want to continue their legacy or family business by having their children continue to reproduce. However, a lot of parents in America want their children to be happy, and they don’t expect them to be part of a family business. In other words, it is more accepted here for children to have goals and to be whatever they want to be when they grow up. As I continued to explore this topic, I realized that the Chinese have a harsh view on homosexuality for many reasons. Religion, education, wealth, the agricultural influence, and the importance of large families are all factors that play into China’s strict ideology. Knowledge of the roles that these factors play in different societies allows a student to be globally competent.

I think that all Kinkaid students should enroll in this course in order to learn the importance of being globally competent. Globally competent students understand that although we are citizens of one country, we are still affected by what goes on in countries around us. These worldly students are able to put their opinions and views aside, and not make judgments about other people until learning about their circumstances. Most importantly, globally competent students have an open mind, are eager to learn, and do not listen or base their ideas off of stereotypes.

Before taking this class, I had never learned how to blog. However, after a few days, I came to love this new form of communication that allows students to share information and fun facts with one another. After reading my classmates posts, I was intrigued when I learned that countries such as India, China, and Italy have many of the same issues that we have here in America. Some of these issues include gay rights and marriage, health care, and the effects of the environment.

Learning about these topics that occur in such far away places has allowed me to see the world in a new and exciting way. In order to be a global citizen, I think that it is necessary for people to celebrate the rich cultures of each country that make us all different. As a globally aware student, it is my job to help widen the lens of narrow- minded people. I think that young children and students my age need the least help with this task, since they are all young and not quite so concerned with politics or money.

Our warm up exercise each morning is called “Listen and Learn,” and it provides time for us to watch videos, movies, or interviews and hear music from other cultures. I am so grateful that we have taken the time to do this, as it will defiantly benefit me when I travel to foreign countries. Overall, this has been my favorite class and I look forward to continue to be a successful global citizen.



One thought on “Global Competence As the Key to Success- FINAL!

  1. Excellent additions to your first draft post, Julia! The specific differences between Chinese and American perspectives on homosexuality and gay marriage helped me understand the details of your learning. I also liked how you addressed the technological component of this course — the blog. This is a great “sharing” tool, as you noted, and one that could be used to continue “widening people’s narrow-minded perspectives.” Perhaps you might consider creating a blog to help increase global competence as part of your Technology Graduation Requirement. I am so happy that you enjoyed the class, and thank you for enrolling. It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to teach you and your peers. After all, you are the ones who define the kind of world our future holds.

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