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Global citizenship can be explained as a moral and ethical point of view, which can show the understanding of individuals or groups of local and worldwide areas. Global citizenship is not just a class based on current news, but about the culture as well. To become a global citizen you must be open to many cultural ideas and customs. The easiest way of becoming a global citizen is having an open mind. I was very fascinated how we saw and listened to music and movies from other areas and how their culture and traditions were mixed into the film and music. For example Chuke De India was a great movie that showed many of the traditional Indian music and actions. I was surprised how even if you are listening to music in another language you can still kind of understand what they are saying. I also feel that music is a great way for people to become global citizens. Everyone loves music and a lot of people can respect and enjoy a good song even if it is in another language. Also food from other areas of the world had a particular culture to it. Indian food is a great example of this. Indian food uses many certain spices that aren’t used in many of dishes around the world.  Restaurants also help with spreading culture. There are thousands of many different kinds of foods that restaurants cook that spread the culture.  Film is such a popular way to spread culture also. Chuke De India is a great movie that not only has a great story to it but also shows so much culture. To be a global citizen you must show respect for everyone. Being born in Japan and living in India, England and now here has changed my life culturally. I have made many friends in India, and England still to this day. Actually recently I have become  facebook friends with them. This brings up another great point that the internet can help spread the beliefs and thoughts of other cultures. Today youtube and wikipedia and thousands of other websites have helped spread cultural beliefs.



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  1. Will, I agree with you: having an open mind is one of the primary skills a global citizen must cultivate. I can tell that the sensory experiences of listening to music, exploring Indian spices and watching Chakde! India impressed you, and you’ve grown in your understanding of the Indian culture, one you were already familiar with, having lived part of your life there. I hope you will continue your exploration of Asian culture and issues, especially given the connection you have through your mom to the Asia Society Texas Center.

    It was great to have you in class.

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