Soda Cans – Draft

Soda cans are a mass-produced product in our everyday lives. They are advertised in commercials and on billboards everywhere. Not only does the soda inside affect our health, but the can itself can have huge environmental impacts. These cans are known to have a bigger impact over plastic bottles. Soda cans are widely recycled throughout the world, but a percentage are still being thrown away to later be disposed of in landfills. These landfills not only affect our local environment, but it’s also a global issue due to the wide usage of soda cans throughout the world.

Because an average American consumes about 597 cans of soda per year, the  United States has worked to find a better solution to the disposal of these cans. This is where the recycling comes in. Since these cans are mostly made of aluminum, they can be recycled over and over again. The aluminum can industry reclaims 63% of their used cans. In my family, it has always been a priority to recycle. From paper to plastic, cardboard to glass: you name it, we recycle it. Even though my family members are not avid soda-drinkers, we recycle the aluminum cans often. It feels uplifting to know that we are helping the environment by the simple action of recycling.

Of course, we can always do more. Some examples are carpooling with friends in order to save fuel, turning off the lights when you are not using them, and taking less time in the shower so as to save more water. As a member of the human race, we each have the responsibility to take care of the environment. People everywhere can help, too, through these small actions. Why would we want to hurt our own environment if it is indeed our home?


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