Impact of Cars

In our everyday lives, we use cars as our main transportation. We are all so used to cars that we never really thought about how it can be affecting our environment. When smoke comes out of tailpipe it releases very bad chemicals that damage our ozone layer, creates acid rain that effects our plants (which are our source of oxygen) and does worse things. Those chemicals get into our clean air and affect us as humans. They affect our health; air pollution can cause chronic respiratory disease, lung cancer, heart disease.

Also have you ever thought about how many parts are on just one car? There have to be over two-hundred parts, and most of them are either metal or rubber. Think of all the manufacturing and shipping that these parts must go through and all the toxins that are released with making just one car. There are over a billion cars in the world, so that must mean a lot of toxins were released during the making of all those cars, which must cause a big drop in the cleanness of our air.

Now there are ways to slow down all the damage that cars are doing to our planet. You can start carpooling, riding your bike to school or work, walking, and many other alternatives. People are also making cars that are clean and don’t release so many bad chemicals in the air. There are things being done to ensure that cars won’t destroy our air anymore.


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