Styrofoam Cups

For our first project in the “Global Citizen” class, my group decided on getting a deeper persepective on styrofoam cups. At first I thought that there wouldn’t be too much of a issue towards its manufacturing, use, or disposal.

Our group first looked at the manufacturing of this product, and we got some shocking news. When creating styrofoam, a combustion occurs which releases fifty-seven different types of chemicals into the air — most of which are very poisonous towards all creatures. This surprised, well, me — because I never thought that styrofoam cups did any harm to the environment. I was obviously wrong.

Then we go to the use of styrofoam cups which is almost as bad. When drinking out of a styrofoam cup, one of the substances is a known chemical that is found in cancer cells. In other words, drinking out of a stryofoam cup can be slightly hazardous towards your health. It can help poison your body with numerous types of cancer.

The disposal of styrofoam is also a very bad situtation. The cups don’t degrade so they take up lots and lots of space in landfills. This helps pollute our environment, and more landfills have to be created for the space that they need.

All three of these factors help impact our world in a very negative way. It’s almost sickening to realize that numerous things in our world affect our global health.This assignment has really opened my eyes about how such a little and common thing can cause so many problems in our world today.

After reading a few respones from other members of the class, I see that there are tons of objects that we all use all the time that have huge negative impacts in our environment. Somehow, someway, we need to find a solution to these types of problems.


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