World Hunger

In addition to learning about ecological impacts, I have been looking into hunger/famine. World hunger is a problem ultimately due to poverty. As a country becomes poor, the infrastructure fails, so there is no money for farming or cattle, clean water, and especially no money for importing goods. According to the World Heath Organization, only one-third of the world is well fed. The other two-thirds is either under-fed or starving. Although people mainly focus on third-world countries, such as those in Africa, there is actually a major hunger struggle here in the USA as well. In fact, one out of eight US children goes to bed hungry each night. It has been found that hunger in the US relates closely to race: the minorities have a much higher percentage. I am Feeding Children Everywhere estimates that 904,475, 528 people in the world right now are malnourished. According to FEED, 350 million children go hungry each day. There are many approaches at fixing this problem. My personal favorite is the FEED organization, which makes bags and other products to help out World Hunger. We can schedule runs, donate to Oxfam, volunteer at Me to We, and hundreds of others. All it takes to provide a meal is about $3.60. $18 provides 5 school children a meal. $80 can provide a whole years worth of meals for a child. Through Oxfam, we can provide clean wells and clean water filters. 24 buckets of safe water is only $8.05. Donating is the easiest way to solve this problem, but you can also get involved. Volunteer. Either way, you’re at least doing something. World Hunger is a desperate issue that must be dealt with fast, so we need to take action, which can be done through simple basic things.


One thought on “World Hunger

  1. What is the urgency that you mention in your post, when you say, that it “needs to be dealt with fast?” What are the consequences (beyond deaths) of not dealing with this problem?

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