Education for Developing Countries and Girls

Education is something we take almost for granted in the United States.

Symbol of Education

Symbol of Education

However, in many developing countries it is a blessing to get an education. It is even more difficult for girls to go to school because of the gender gap in many of these countries. The reason education is such a major issue in the world today is because the number of people between the age of 15 and 24 is at an all time high. In fact, in 2010 young people accounted for almost one-sixth of the population. Even though we should push to educate all these people, one in five young people from ages 15-24 in 123 low-and-middle income countries have never received primary education, and therefore lack fundamental skills. However, according to a UN report, secondary education is the greatest challenge for developing countries.

sub-Saharan Africa

sub-Saharan Africa

In sub- Saharan Africa there is only room in schools for 36% of all the children of secondary school age. Girls are still the first to suffer from the shortage of secondary school places. For every 100 boys in Kenya only 70 girls complete primary school.  That ratio drops even lower for lower secondary school where for every 100 boys there are only 48 girls who complete that stage of education. Of the more than one hundred million children in the world without access to primary schooling, 60 percent are girls, and in countries like Afghanistan, Niger, Nepal, and Yemen, female literacy is less than half that of males.

Education for girls is not an option, it is a necessity. Studies have shown that educated mothers are able to keep their kids healthier. In sub-Saharan Africa, for example, children whose mothers have more than seven years of schooling have less than half the under-5 mortality rate of the children of uneducated mothers. Why are these girls not able to receive an education? The main reason for the lack of education for girls is cultural. Many girls receive verbal and physical abuse just for wanting to have an education and more options for their future than just becoming a wife and a mother. Even though there is still a need for an improvement, we have improved greatly in the last 20 years. More people have started wanting an education. 80% of young people apply for a primary education and 60% complete it.  We have come a long way, but it will still be a long time till we can provide education for everybody.

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