Aside from impacts of consumer items, I have been studying the global significance of education in different countries. More than 100 million primary-school kids do not go to school because their families can’t afford it. We’re fortunate enough to be going to such a great school, but other kids are not so lucky. Things that we take for granted like binders, pens, notebooks, and papers are very limited in third world countries. The kids that go to school can barely make a decent living because there is usually no internet, so they cannot know the importance of things like disease if they want to become a doctor. Bringing internet would greatly improve the education in these third world countries so students there could learn anything from just a click of button. Unfortunately it can not be done because of extremely lacking funds, but some organizations are helping by bringing the supplies necessary for learning in countries that are desperate for it.

In some countries, they do not believe in educating girls because they think all women are good for is cooking and cleaning. This is a big problem because every child should deserve an education no matter what gender. Educating women would actually be a huge help because the women could teach their children to become hardworking successful people which could help stop poverty in these countries. The lack of supplies and ignorance of women’s value needs to be fixed in order for the children to get a well education.


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