Poverty in the world

Poverty is one of the many global issues in the world today. It does not just happen in third world countries but it is happening globally and affects almost the entire world. 50% of the world lives on less than $2.50 a day and 80% live on less than $10 dollars. That means that people like you and me that are privileged enough to have a home to live in only represent 20% of the world, which is depressing. In 1973, the ratio of poor people to wealthy people was 44:1, and it has risen in 1992 to 72:1. Many of the people affected by poverty are children. Children in poverty is a very large problem, and many organizations are trying to place more children out of poverty. Some of the organizations include: Save the Chilren.org, k.i.d.s, and Worldvision.org


This map is an example of poverty in the U.S.A. The darker the color, the more people in poverty. Some things can be done to help this issue. Six things that can be done are donating or buying clean water; improving nutrition, health care, education; and supplying clothing and shelter. Some people who are not homeless still live below the poverty line. Many organizations have ways to sponsor people in poverty and give them supplies that are necessary to daily life.


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