Human Conflict

While we have also been learning about ecological impacts in class, I’ve been researching current human conflicts. Currently there are an estimated 42 wars occuring in the world right now. This includes four major wars, which is defined as a war that causes at least 1,000 deaths annually. Also, modern conflicts kill an estimated 500,000 people each year.

As I learn about war, I become more and more shocked. For example, did you know in 2006, world military spending reached $1024 billion? It’s hard to comprehend a number so large. At least 550 million legally-held firearms are in the world today, so it’s not even counting the illegal arms that are sold in black markets. I also found an interesting web page called “The Cost of War.” It calculates what the price of one weapon could do globally, and the numbers are staggering. For example, I found out that the cost of one Hawk trainer/fighter, or $21,000,000, could provide 53,846,154 meals for starving people or even 2,100,000,000 chlorine water tablets to make water safe to drink. Looking at these numbers, there is far more to war than what I had previously known.

Many believe the main causes of war include imperialism, inequality, and competition over resources.  However, no matter which way someone looks at it, the numbers cannot lie. War has a vast effect, an effect I wasn’t even truly aware of until recently. The amount of money that goes into war is astounding. Global citizens need to unite and work together to try and work out some of the conflicts causing these devastating numbers.

Cost of war calculator:

Most of my information:


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