A Changing World

There are a lot of different civilizations in our world. There are countries, societies, and communities that haven’t even been discovered yet. One of the biggest issues that I see right now is the problem of trade. Lots of today’s Americans believe that learning languages isn’t a necessity. People think that English is the only language they will need. This is definitely not the case.

A lot of people in America feel that it isn’t completely necessary to learn other languages besides English. Thinking like this is a grave mistake. Knowing only one language can really impeded one’s desire to become a business person. If one travels to almost any where in South America, he or she is going to need Spanish or Portugese. Businesspeople involved in the oil industry will be sent to Brazil in the near future because of the oil resources that are located in Brazil.

Knowing languages other than English can highly benefit the trade network and other things as well. Just knowing Spanish would help increase trade with Mexico and South America in a big way. It would also impress their people that the “White Man” is trying to learn their language. In doing this, we might also be able to make better arguments to meet our needs,  and we might actually listen to each others’ opinions.

In conclusion, I feel that language should be a more focused-on subject in schools, not just in America, but in countries all over the world. The world economy would benefit in a great amount because of all the countries’ eagerness to learn foreign languages. Communication would be much easier and confusion wouldn’t be such a big reoccurrence during trade and other international affairs. For example, today in our Global Citizenship class. If both societies in our simulation understood each others language, both of us would have cut down on the confusion that we had during our interactions.


One thought on “A Changing World

  1. Rhett, I really like how you applied what you learned through the simulation to the globally significant issue of international trade. To make this post stronger, may I suggest beginning with a description of the simulation, instead of ending with it. By beginning with the simulation as an overview, your reader will understand the context of your argument even better. As it’s written now, a reader not in our class who finds your blogpost (and I hope one will) won’t understand what you’re talking about at the end of the post.

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