Cultural Perceptions

Misconceptions in culture have the potential to create a setback to international relationships. The perceptions of region are grounded in engagements with nations. A lack of clarity in the culture will create serious setbacks.

Firstly, the lack of understanding will create a bad perception of a state. The visiting state will be viewed as an enemy and will not be an ally. The first interactions lay down the foundation of the relationship. If a leader of a nation does something wrong then the next words will be seen as false.

Secondly, imposing your culture onto one different from yours will decimate any new relations. All states want to be treated equally at the first interaction, and imposing another culture and acting dominant will leave a bitter taste in the other state’s mouths.

Finally, lack of cultural understanding will hinder the ability to create international agreements with states. The implications could be severe, with failure leading to unsuccessful treaties and trade agreements.


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