Cultural Perceptions–Response to “Heelotia” Simulation

I thought that today’s simulation made for an interesting comparison to what happens between cultures in real life. I was a Hokie, and when we visited Helotia, Lily and I felt excluded and weren’t able to interact with the Heelots. When the Heelot’s visited us, we felt disrespected and were forced to exile them, which caused conflict. If both groups had tried to be more understanding, then we would have been able to interact and trade tokens much more easily.

This idea can be applied to real life as well. Unless cultures try to learn about and understand other cultures of the world, interaction will become extremely difficult, causing conflict, especially in political matters, such as war. For example, if one country does not want to go to war with another country, but they send a close-minded delegate to the country, negotiations become nearly impossible. In addition, conflicted cultural relationships would certainly affect the economy, resulting in a lack of international trade.

Cultures need to learn and understand each other or else they will become cut off and lack variety. Cultures should understand that a visitor may not completely understand all their customs, and should make exceptions. However, the visitor should make a large effort in trying to immerse him/herself in the other culture. In conclusion, this simulation shows that in order for one to become a more diverse and inter-cultural global citizen, all parties need to make an effort towards trying to understand each other.


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