Culture Perceptions, Post-“Heelotia” Reflection

During today’s simulation, “Heelotia,” I got to experience what it’s like going into a foreign culture and being discriminated if you are different. This is a issue that not very many people think about. When someone from the Middle East comes to America and has his or her face and whole body covered, we automatically treat them as an outsider because we are used to girls dressing in different types of  clothing. While if I were to go into the Middle East wearing a t-shirt and some leggings, I would be completely discriminated against even though that’s an everyday outfit for an American girl. People all over the world are guilty of doing this. As humans we automatically judge you by your culture. This issue is usually overlooked, but it shouldn’t be. Maybe if we were to all see each other as one, we could work together to solve world-wide problems like global warming. In order to get past this problem of divisiveness, we need to learn more about and work on accepting different cultures for their rules and everyday habits.


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