Post-Heelotia Perceptions

Every culture comes with its set of customs, what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. When simulating two different cultures in class today, I noticed how other cultures can get offended when they are not familiar with the other culture’s traditions and customs. I was a Heelot, and when visiting the Hokie’s they immediately tried to make eye contact with me and shake my hand. Eye contact and touching is forbidden in my culture so I had to look down and run quickly away while hissing. When the Hokies saw this, they became offended and perceived us as awkward, antisocial, and rude. This was not true; the behavior was just against our laws. Because they were not familiar with our customs, they perceived us differently because they lived in a different culture and region. People who live far away from each other develop different perceptions of how they view the world and people around them.


One thought on “Post-Heelotia Perceptions

  1. Hi Gracey, I like how you honed in on your specific experience with the simulation. I need to understand the way the last sentence fits with the rest of your paragraph. Can you work on making the transition between the previous thought and the final thought more clear?

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