Perceptions Post-Simulation Activity

This simulation has showed me how easily we can misjudge a different culture simply because of lack of knowledge. The adjectives we used to describe the other cultures were based on our one-sided view coming from our own cultures. I believe the main purpose behind this simulation was to show us how we need to become more open-minded so we are able to interact with different cultures. Since we have become a more global society and economy, it is almost essential we become accustomed to others’ traditions.

Perceptions both affect relationships between countries, but at other times they are ignored.  The biggest shift in perspective towards a country happened in 9/11. The US almost instantly changed their foreign policies involving not only the terrorists but also the entire Middle East. This change in perception was sudden, but it affected the political relations between America and the Middle East greatly. However, sometimes stereotypes and perceptions are ignored. For example, French people are normally deemed rude, especially towards Americans. However, this has very little significance in the economic relations between these two countries. The United States is France’s largest trading partner, other than the European Union taken as a whole. France is United States’ third-largest trading partner in Europe.

All in all, perceptions do play a role in global relations, but in order to become a successful global society, we must be able to keep an open mindset and accept others’ cultures and customs.


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