Cultural Misperceptions

When people misunderstand things in cultural interactions, results can be dangerous. It may cause one to make judgements about a culture or tradition that are false. For example, in our simulation — “Heelotia” — today, we made assumptions about the other group that were false and contested by the other group.

The biggest issue that can happen in the world, and what happened today in our simulation, is enforcing your ideas and culture on another group. That can cause backlash, disagreements, and your “culture” ultimately will not be accepted. Doing this resulted in some forms of small-scale violence in our simulation, violence which, when applies to the level of international relations, can have broad ramifications.

Even though languages may be different, there are ways of getting around that confusion. The first is using a translator. The second is using your actions and culture to try to understand other groups. If we cannot find a way to interact and express ideas, there is no way change is possible and relations can be formed.  Intercultural relations are important for protection and trade.


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