Cultural Perceptions

During the recent simulation, I realized what it takes to get the full aspect of cultural groups or countries, and learning by their rules. In our simulation, we were split up into two different groups. Each group was assigned a set of rules about their culture that they must follow. Both groups had different ways of speaking and interacting with another. If one group found you to be disrespectful by the way you spoke to them or greeted them, then they would seem a bit rude. Also language was an issue during this activity. All around the world, many languages are spoken in each country. An example would be if you went to visit Australia, there would be a bit of a language barrier. Even though it can sound simular to English, they speak it differently. Instead of saying “friend” they would say “mate.” Another way that people from different countries may find you disrespectful is by the first impression, the greet. Greetings are usually very important in most countries, such as in different parts of Spain. Most people in Spain greet each other with a kiss or kisses on the cheek. Some people might be confused, because there is a certain amount of kisses to give. Such as one on the left then one on the right, instead of two on the left and one on the right. In other cultures, greetings take a huge affect because it does show the first impression.

Cultural perceptions are very important to realize because it shows the respect that you have for another indivisual. To me, showing a respectful first impression tells that person that you care about their culture and their learning standards.


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