My perceptions

During our simulation, I learned how much rules of a civilization can have a great impact on communication. I was a “Hokie,” and in our culture, we were required to shake hands before starting a conversation. The “Helotians,” one the other hand, were not aloud to touch or even make eye contact. When we would disobey one of their rules, they would just hiss at us.

As both sides were trying to obtain answers to their required questions from the other group, both sides were becoming impatient. The Hokies started trying to force a handshake, while the Helotians had hissing fits. This led to a cruel competitive nature where some people started stealing tickets. In our class, people became competitive, but if this were a tribal situation then it could have come to war. A battle could have started because of a tribe’s rule that happens to clash with another tribe’s rule. This showed me that you have to be patient and understanding while trying to communicate with another type of people. It does seem that there was no way around the handshake rule, but most real life, rules should be much easier to overcome. It also shows how important patience is. Many people in this simulation were trying to get red tokens first so that they could claim the victory for themselves instead of respecting the other culture’s rules. After the simulation people were insulting people from the opposite culture as if they were enemies. This shows that we do not have enough patience and understanding to talk to a different culture.



Throughout my investigations for information other than consumer products, I have been very surprised by many of the poverty facts and statistics. One main fact has shocked me more than any other.                 Causes of Poverty — Global Issues

This graph shows the percent, and number in billions, of the people on the planet that live off of a specific dollar amount per day in 2005. Even though this was from eight years ago, there has not been a tremendous change in poverty and its impacts on humanity. Around 25,000 people die around the world every day. On – Hunger and World Poverty, there is a map of the world that shows people’s faces popping up for every person that has died of hunger at this time. After sitting here and watching this map for 5 minutes, I have noticed two things. One, all of the people I saw were from either Africa or Asia. Two, most of the people who have died are children. The website keeps a count of how many people have passed away this hour, and only twenty minutes into this hour, over 400 people have died due to hunger.

It is such a shame to just sit here feeling helpless while just watching people’s pictures pop up almost every second. If almost half of the world’s population was not forced to live on $2.50 a day, then there would not be nearly as many deaths as there are. Poverty also causes so many people to lack safe water and obviously, food. There are however many organizations that believe that it may only take a few years to end poverty, but it is required that they receive help from us, and anyone else that can help.

Soda Cans

When someone thinks of recycling, the first object that probably comes into his mind is a water bottle. While water bottles are very important to recycle, recycling soda cans can save much of the world’s aluminum for later needs or other uses. The aluminum can making companies in the United States reclaim around 63% of their previously made cans. In a country where it is claimed that over 100 billion soda cans are produced a year, 63% greatly helps. In this industry, they waste little metal because scraps left over from shaping cans can be used in other cans.

One of the bigger problems from aluminum soda cans comes from the  shipping of various metals from other countries over seas. Another issue is the space taken up by the non-recycled cans in our world’s landfills. These landfills affect all people nearby and even further. I know my neighborhood set up a recycling system a year or two ago, and my parents were very excited to help out in this little way. It is our responsibility to help keep our planet clean. I understand how people don’t want to spend multiple days planting trees or volunteering in other ways to help out, but just recycling by putting cans or bottles into a different container does not take much extra effort. We wouldn’t need to go searching for as many areas to destroy to gain resources. This is our planet to lose, but being able to be lazy is not worth ruining our planet for future generations.