Impact of Cars

Cars take up a part of our lives daily, and are used worldwide. Cars are used for transportation, allowing people to get from place to place. Cars have affected our lives majorly by getting us to places much faster. They are mostly favored for their uses, but there are people who are not aware of what cars produce.

Many Americans believe that cars are the number one cause of “Global Warming.” The reasoning for this is because as the gasoline fuel is being burned to allow the energy of the car to progress, pollution occurs during this process by letting out emissions from the exhaust pipe located near the rear of the car.  These emissions are why some environmentalists do not care for cars as much.

So far the changes that we have made involve agreeing on electric-powered cars, instead of gasoline-powered ones. These cars have batteries that are being charged and the car is powered by the electrical charge from the battery. This type of battery has caught on in some parts of the world, but it has not became a major process.

After this issue spread all over, it is said that 46% of people between the ages of 18-24 years old, would choose internet access over owning a car. The share of new cars purchased by those of 18-34 years old have dropped 30% in the last five years. Even though my family doesn’t take a big part in this issue, they still realize there are also many things that we can fix. An example is taking the bus, even though the bus is a type of car or vehicle, it still does give off some toxins, but a lot of people do take the bus daily and that is just as many cars that aren’t being used. Also, the subway! The subway is used in certain cities, it can cary up to 60-100 people per train. Over 4.3 billion people ride the subway everyday. Using carpools with kids such as to and from school can also help out! Keeping our environment safe and clean from toxins and other chemicals takes action and responsibility and doing what it takes to keep our world healthy, living, and being able to keep moving forward.


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